The Facebook Phone

What Is It?

This past Friday, Facebook and Android teamed up and created the first ever HTP Facebook Phone. Basically, your entire phone is a Facebook feed. They are targeting Facebook fans, and only charging $99 for the phone, not a bad deal. The look is sleek, and droids are very easy to use, so I’m sure it is extremely accessible. This Facebook Phone is a great idea in theory, but do we actually want to be on Facebook 24/7? HTP Facebook Phone

How Is It?

After looking at some reviews, I have concluded that it is easy to use, stylish, and a great value for its price. Even an iPhone user reviewed the product and had good things to say. However, I believe if I had this phone, I would be even more addicted to Facebook (which is sad). Some of the reviewers said that you are constantly checking your News Feed and Facebook updates, even more so than your actual text messages. It’s already hard enough to get off Facebook to actually do the things I need to get done;  now it would be even more difficult!

With billions of Facebook users, it makes it easy to know what your friends (or random people from high school) are doing on a daily basis. Not that I’m saying Facebook isn’t good for some reasons, but do we really need it staring at us every time we check what time it is? People are addicted, and it is only going to get worse.

The Facebook Phone: Friend or Foe?

I believe Facebook is a great tool in so many ways such as networking, advertising, communicating, and so many other reasons. However, I do believe it has taken a toll on our way of interacting with actual people and is wasting so much of our time. The Facebook phone is a great idea in theory, but I think this is going to make people even more addicted to their phones. It is already hard to have a conversation with someone without them looking at their phone.

I believe this is Facebook’s way of taking over more things in our lives. Remember the days when Facebook was simple? There was a News Feed, Messages, Facebook Chat and that was pretty much it. Now it is covered in ads, and has so many complicated aspects to it. Do we really want ads taking over our phones too? My conclusion for this new Facebook phone is that it is unnecessary. There is already a Facebook app that is extremely accessible and takes up enough of our time.


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