A Great Twitter Story

Syvia's tweet about Joe Thornton

Syvia’s tweet about Joe Thornton

For the people that believe  Social Media is a waste of time for companies, here is a perfect story to prove you wrong. After the long NHL Lockout, there was so much fan negativity towards the NHL. One team, The San Jose Sharks, used Twitter to gain one fan’s loyalty back.

In an article about the NHL lockout, a Sharks fan, Sylvia, cancelled her season tickets out of disgust for the lockout, but tweeted at Joe Thornton after the first game saying, “Joe Thornton, You make me want to go get my Season Tickets back. … Got me all teared up like a little girl.” The Sharks took advantage of this tweet and invited Sylvia to a Sharks game where she met Joe Thornton and received an autographed puck. After that, you bet Sylvia purchased her season tickets and regained her loyalty to the Sharks again. After all the negative tweets, statuses, blogs, etc. about the NHL lockout, there was finally a story with a happy ending, and a satisfied fan.

I think that the San Jose Sharks made big strides with this gesture. This shows that they care about what their fans have to say and they want them to be there and to be a part of the game. This tweet was not even tweeted at Joe Thornton, but clearly their social media employee was searching Twitter to see what their fans were tweeting about the first game back. I also believe this gesture helped out the NHL. It turned the negative comments about the lockout into a story that made fans want to be involved again.

Listening to consumer’s opinions, especially from Social Media is such an important part of marketing that many companies don’t understand. It is such an easy way to understand what their consumers want and need from them. I have always been a believer that Social Media can help brands, but when you actually hear about a company making a sale, it really puts it into perspective. This makes me question why isn’t every company using Twitter to the fullest ability? I think it is because many people don’t know how to use it correctly. I believe this blog correctly states How Marketers Should Use Twitter.

Social Media is growing faster and faster, and Twitter is one of the best ways a marketer can get their consumers involved in their brands. It is a way to interact with customers and find out what they really want from a brand.


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